The week of prayer for Christian Unity

18 Jan, 2014 | Uncategorized

Peter and Paul

Christ calls all his disciples to unity. (…) All together, they are invited by the ever fresh power of the Gospel to acknowledge with sincere and total objectivity the mistakes made and the contingent factors at work at the origins of their deplorable divisions. What is needed is a calm, clear-sighted and truthful vision of things, a vision enlivened by divine mercy and capable of freeing people’s minds and of inspiring in everyone a renewed willingness, precisely with a view to proclaiming the Gospel to the men and women of every people and nation.( John Paul II – Ut unum sint – May 25th 1995)

As you may know, we are now chaplains of two Monasteries of Bethléhem in the Alps. The liturgy of the monasteries of Bethléhem draws from the sources  of the  Roman Catholic (Western) and Eastern Orthodox (Byzantine) Churches. We are thus particularly sensitive about this aspect of the ecumenism about which John-Paul II spoke by saying: ” the Church has to breathe with its two lungs! ” *UUS, n°54 )