Mission helping the « ill-loved » from the streets of Latin America

“True love looks at you with eyes full of Hope …”

Celebration of Mass in Columbia


In Rome, 16th February in 1987, our holy pope, Jean Paul II, said to the two brothers the following words: “Go and tell them that the Church and myself, we love them”.

Nine years earlier, the brothers began helping the “Sœurs Adoratrices” (the Adoring Sisters) with their mission, in the midsts of the streets of Bogota, to assist young girls and women to escape the infernal world of prostitution.

Father Pierre among some “chicas”

In Armenia, after an earthquake. Sisters are walking uphill.

Father Talvas, who set up the association « Le Nid en France » (The Nest in France), in 1943, said the following about the brothers: “Among all the priests that I know, you are the best placed to help these people. You have spent your lives with leprosy sufferers, who are so terribly poor and excluded from society, and all of this has been the best learning experience ! In addition, you spend much time adoring Jesus-Host ; there cannot be anyone better qualified for such actions…”

Women showing where they live to the Fathers. They are very proud of their children.


Then one day, Bishop Zoa sent the two brothers on their new mission, helping these girls, in close collaboration with the “Hermanas Adoratrices” of Columbia: “Go and enter this world of prostitution in Colombia and Latin America. It is the Church that sends you ! Keep me well informed…”

A new evangelisation took place in this community of « ill-loved » women from the streets, to retake the expression of Jean Paul II. Christian communities were born with and around the “Hermanas Adoratrices”. Rather than talking about humanisation and of new societies, it was necessary to lay the first stone for those desperately needy by first: “helping these women earn a decent living by giving them the means to carry out a real job, giving them the opportunity to have a decent place to live, helping them to raise their children by enrolling them into schools.”

Learning a real job to get out of the hell of the street is mere happiness.


 “By praying, simultaniously reading the Bible and with the humble fraternal charity of the Sisters, many women have been given a taste for God and felt the desire to discover more of him in their own lives by discovering the Church through their action, all in the name of the young people. We found that these girls were not only in the need to be loved by God, but also needed to abandon themselves to the Virgin Mary because they have never before experienced true maternal tenderness.”

Praying Mary in one of the Sisters’homes

Adoring Jesus-Host in Columbia

The reality of our faith has always marked us : « The continuing presence of Jesus- Host living in every one of the Sisters’ houses. The chapel is open to all women and girls who come. Jesus is there to welcome them and he says to them: “I know all that you have suffered and that you are still suffering. I do not judge but I love you. The day you will know how to work, then I will tell you my child, be a normal woman.”

Sisters’workshops  in Bogotá


“ The Eucharist, the Mass and the presence of Jesus, supreme Act of Love of the Son of the Father is for us, a true and real sacrament and is prophetic. He gives us life and allows us to express our love for Jesus and for our brothers. Facing the wall of prostitution, an impenetrable wall, thick, harder than bronze, there is only one way to break through it : our silent prayer before Jesus. Our prayer with him, by constantly repeating His prayer to Him: The Our Father…constantly with Jesus who addresses his Father, we have to repeat before the Eucharist : “Father Thy Kingdom come in darkness, that thy will be done in the heart of all those who exploit women and that hallowed be Thy Name in the hearts of all these poor people, to whom you have promised your Kingdom.”

View of Juan José Rondon, a whole district built up by the Sisters Adoratrices owing to the financial help of the Association “Un pas avec les Frères Jaccard”

Today, thanks to you and with the help of the Association “Le P.A.S.”, 138 workshops have been established in three countries : Columbia, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. Every year, more than 3000 women are being trained by the sisters in order to learn a trade. During this time, their children go to school and receive everything needed to continue their studies. In addition, with the support of the sisters (especially through their cooperative construction and buying), a new neighbourhood has emerged in Bogotá, San José Rondon, where a few dozen women, through their work and with the help of the Sisters were able to buy a small house, which they can improve gradually.

Father Raymond with a group of young girls after a Mass at one of the Sisters’homes

« With Jesus, who speaks to the Father, we can transform the world from sin into a new world, as the Gospel says : “ Without me you can do nothing. Yes, this is true because Nothing is impossible with God.” The angel’s cry to Mary, gives us hope and makes us sing : MAGNIFICAT!

 (Extracts from texts written by the Brothers Jaccard)

Father Pierre with a group of Senior Sisters