Rosary prayer

Until the meditation of the ROSARY by Brothers Jaccard is posted, you can click here : you’ll find the explanation of the Missionary Rosary, which is so much recommended by the Brothers to provide the opportunity to pray for peace in the world and the conversion of all men, calling to mind the five continents, which are represented by the five colors..

You’ll find here a reminder of the 20 Mysteries of the Rosary.

Pray the Rosary, says God

and do not care what some silly people might tell you:

that it is a forlorn devotion which is bound to be abandoned.

This prayer, believe me

Is a ray of Light from my Gospel.

Nothing will ever change this.

What delights me in the Rosary, says God

Is that it is simple, and it is humble

Just as my Son was,

As His mother was.

Pray the Rosary : by your side, you’ll find

All the company of the Gospel gathered :

the poor widow that never went to school

and the repentant publican that has forgotten all of his catechism,

the sinner woman overcome with fear

and all these cripples saved by their faith,

and the dear old shepherds, such as those of Bethlehem,

who discovered my Son and his Mother …

Pray the Rosary, says God,

your prayer must turn over and over again,

just like the beads between your fingers.

Then, when it is my will, I can assure you,

you will be provided with plentiful nourishment,

that will strengthen your hearts and cheer your souls

Come on, says God, pray the Rosary

And keep your minds in peace.

(free translation from Charles Péguy’s verses)