A Love Story : Men of Prayer and Adoration

Inauguration of a rehabilitation center for Women of the streets in Columbia

Our life is a wonderful “love story” !

We would never have thought it would turn out the way it did ! God, in his infinite fatherly tenderness has helped us all along the way to remain faithful to everything he was expecting from us. He guided  us, showing us the way, one day after another, through people, events and simply what he gave us and what we came across  in our everyday life.

Like Mary, in her mystery of Visitation, we’ve discovered that our vocation was to “deliver” Jesus as much through our speech as through our actions, silences, shared friendship with the “poorest” and the “smallest” ones as well as through our silent and intimate prayer to The One who is our Only Love and meaning of our lives !

Celebration of Mass at general Meeting of Association “Un P.A.S., Jan.2012”