Mary, Mother of Unity

18 Jan, 2014 | Uncategorized

Mother of Unity

Like Christ himself, the Church is not only the instrument of unity, but also its efficacious sign. And the Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ and of the Church, is the Mother of that mystery of unity which Christ and the Church inseparably signify and build up, in the world and throughout history.( Homily of the Holy Father  Benedictus XVI Ephesus Wednesday, 29 November 2006 )

Rejoice, you who conducts the opposites of unity.

Rejoice, you who has woven maidenhood into motherhood.

Rejoice, you through whom transgression is annulled.

Rejoice, you through whom Paradise is open.

Rejoice, Key of the Kingdom of Christ.

Rejoice, Hope of eternal blessings.

Rejoice, O Bride Ever-Virgin