March is the month of Saint Joseph

1 Mar, 2014 | Uncategorized

Saint Joseph shows us the way of Holiness by:

  • His complete abandon to God’s will

As Marie was completely abandoned to the gifts of the holy Spirit, Joseph also made himself totally available on what God required from him. By living in Bethlehem and Nazareth a quite ordinary life by a relation of love with Jesus and Marie, he lets God act in Him.

Ex: Before Jesus’ birth when he  leaves for Bethlehem and during the flight  to Egypt.

  • His full trust in God :

He is a Saint who was totally guided by the holy Spirit all his life through. For instance his confidence in the Word of God during the presentation at the temple. His  return from Egypt. ” Nothing but confidence will lead us to love ” Thérèse de Lisieux”

  • His littleness :

He is an example of mere littleness, of  real poverty of the heart by being like Jesus and Mary,  because he lives permanently with them.

Because of his intimacy with Jesus, Saint Joseph  helps us to give to the Eucharist its full dimension of our Meeting with Him by the offering of His Body and His Blood to our Heavenly Father  and to continue this intimacy with Jesus, our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit and with our Mother Mary through Eucharistic worship,