I was laden with blessings but it was not for me

1 Feb, 2014 | Uncategorized

” On my own, I would never have been able to become what I am at present. I had come to a point not to want to live any more and to wish for death as a liberation.

The life which I led marked me in an indelible way. I shall be all my life the one that was beaten, that was sold, that was on drugs, that drank, that was a robber and a whore. Or rather, I just couldn’t do otherwise. I was not made for that sort life, but for being loved. And in fact I was. I was lucky enough to feel the tenderness of my Father in Heaven for me in the most intimate of my heart . I was laden with blessings  but it was not for me. I know I have to share these blessings with  my sisters who are still in hell of the street.”