Baptism, a vital bond : the Church is our Mother

11 Jan, 2014 | Uncategorized

On Sunday January 12 th, we’ll be celebrating the Baptism of Jesus  : this is a good opportunity for us to question ourselves about the meaning of our Baptism – in our personal life – . Let’s listen to Pope Francis :

“Our taking part in the Church is not an exterior or formal fact, it is not filling out a form they give us; it is an interior and vital act; one does not belong to the Church as one belongs to a society, to a party or to any other organization. The bond is vital, like the bond you have with your mother, because, as St Augustine says, “The Church is truly the mother of Christians” (…) am I grateful to the Church for generating me in the faith through Baptism? How many Christians remember the date of their Baptism? I would like to ask you here, but each of you respond in you heart: how many of you remember the date of your Baptism? A few people raise their hands, but many others do not remember! (…) but don’t forget your homework: go find the date of your Baptism, carry it in your heart and celebrate it.” (Pope Francis ANGELUS 11.09.2013)