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« Eucharist is THE school where God’s Face is revealed to us, where He builds an intimate relationship with us ». Benedictus XVI

Adoring Jesus-Host is exposing onseself to God’s Sunrays


How to Adore Jesus-Host : 10 hints.-

« (…) a time is coming – and now is here – when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth. For the father seeks such people to be his worshipers » (John 4, 23)

1.- You entered this place of prayer in order to adore Jesus who is present in the Holy Host. You must now enter your own heart, the most intimate place of your soul.

2.- Silence surrounds you. Let your mind be silent too.  Hush all the voices that chatter in you. Take your mind off all futile thoughts. Do not keep your problems, your worries, your stress for yourself : give them to Jesus. During this time of Adoration, take good care of Him, He will care for you far better than you could do yourself. Ask for the grace of total surrendering to Him, complete confidence in Him.

3.- Look intently at Jesus-Host and let your heart talk. Start loving the One that loved you first.

4.- Keep from uttering prayers mechanically, without paying attention to the words you say. Avoid reading pages of the Bible on the trot all along this time of worship. Pray with your heart. Choose a verse from a Psalm, a sentence out of the Gospel, or a very simple prayer and repeat it in your heart, slowly, gently, tirelessly until it actually becomes YOUR prayer, YOUR cry, YOUR beseech. Choose it according to your present frame of mind. « Heart of Jesus, I confide in you », « My Father, I abandon myself into your hands», « Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner », « Jesus, I love you », « Jesus, my Love », « Jesus, gentle and humble in heart»….

5.- Do not waste time complaining or begging for favors. This is a time for thanksgiving with a grateful heart. Instead of considering what you miss or your shortcomings, be thankful for who you are, what you have and what you will be given in the future. Every day is a new day, a gift of God.

6.- You may feel tired or be caught up in distractions. Not to worry, take heart ! As soon as you are aware of it, slowly get back to your heart prayer, ask the Holy Spirit for help that He might be your strength in you weakness. That He might become more and more your intimate friend and your inner coach.

7.- Jesus is the center of the Church. He wants to become the center of your life. As you look at Him, you’ve to learn how to skip from the “I, myself” to the “You”, from the will to achieve your own plans to a sincere desire to welcome His will upon you.

8.- Jesus-Host is exposed solemnly. Expose yourself to the Light radiating from Him . As the sun warms up and makes snow melt, if you are irradiated by Jesus, He will carry on illuminating the darkness that wraps your heart until it’s cleared up completely.

9.- Jesus is concealed under the simple and humble appearance of bread. He appears to you as The Poor, so that you may learn to accept your own weaknesses and poverty as well as those of your fellow men.

10.- You are in silence. Keep quiet and peaceful. Mary, Star of the Morning and Gate of Heaven is very close to you : wherever you go she’ll show you the way and introduce you into the King’s Chamber. SHE will teach you that through contemplating Jesus silently, you will discover that the Holy Three inhabit your own soul. Then you’ll  experience in your life the verse of Psalm 34 : «Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed.”

Do you want to go any further … ?

Then let us adore Him with Father Raymond Jaccard …

If you hear Jesus calling you to come and adore Him, He will pour into your heart his immense love.

Do come and adore Him !


Jesus will reveal His presence to you, His infinite tenderness on His cross that you worship. He will give you all his life, his body, his blood and even his own Mother, the Holy Virgin Mary.

Adoring Jesus-Host is having a look of Faith upon this wonderful action that the Father realizes through Him and in Him, in you and in everyone of us. Jesus says to me : “Here I am, present for you in the Holy Host consecrated during Mass”.

Holy Spirit, let me admire that wonder you did by giving us Jesus in Mary’s womb. This is how you wanted to be embodied in our souls, in my own soul.

This is why I’m here, adoring you, Jesus, to eat you and be ONE with you.

Ô my Lord, let me contemplate this permanent miracle you perform ever since your Resurrection. Consecration is supernatural.

I love you more and more and I’m so fond of eating the Holy Host lovingly. Adoration leads me to love your so much, with your Mother Mary, as I realize how much YOU love me !

Mother Mary, I know you are here, too, to help me adoring your beloved Son. Jesus, you pour your immense love – born from the Holy Spirit – into my heart.

Holy Ghost, You are the One who gives me daring Faith.

What you did in Mary at the Annunciation, and for thirty years in Nazareth, Mary carries on doing it in Heaven : Adoring Jesus in our hearts to build the Church.

Holy Communion is like a loving kiss. This is how you can adore the Holy Three : Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Now, you must keep silent, for God’s tenderness makes you deeply happy.

This is when – in your adoration – you can carry on praying for all those you meet, those you work with, those who require you intercession.

And you realize that Adoration is nothing but your whole life. Come and adore Jesus frequently and try to make a group of adorers in order to share with your friends this amazing love that make you cry out : “My Lord and my God, I DO LOVE YOU !”

But the most efficient witness you can give as an adoring soul is the love you’lle have for all those God gives you to be responsible of. Remember Jesus’ commandment : “That Ye love one another, as I loved you”.

Tell Jesus  again : “I love you, I love you, I love you” and remain silent, then say again : “I love you from the bottom of my heart” …

Think of everything the Holy Spirit reveals to your : of the marvels our Father keeps doing for us. And once more tell Jesus how much you love Him : “I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you, Jesus, for the infinite love you give me !”

Then pray in silence and contemplate that wonder of Jesus-Host under Mother Mary’s loving eyes. Do not try to have “clever” thoughts or to speak a lot ….

Jesus was first adored by his own Father, when He came to the Jordan River to be baptized by John the Baptist. The baptismal scene includes the Heavens opening, a dove-like descent of the Holy Spirit, and a voice from Heaven saying : “This is my beloved Son with whom I am well pleased”. God the Father will repeat it when Jesus was transfigured before John, James and Peter on the Mountain : “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him”. As He was on his cross, Jesus will give his life up totally to His Father : “In your hands I commend my spirit.”

After His Resurrection, Jesus will reveal to Mary of Magdala : “I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God. Go and tell my disciples.”

It is in this “heart to heart” relationship of Jesus with God His Father and the Holy Ghost that we are immersed into Mary’s Heart to adore the Holy Three.