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Monthly Archives: April 2015

The Rosary is my favourite prayer. A marvellous prayer! Marvellous in its simplicity and in its depth. In this prayer we repeat many times the words that the Virgin Mary heard from the Archangel, and from her kinswoman Elizabeth. The whole Church joins in these words (…). Our heart can enclose in these decades of the Rosary all the facts that make up the life of the individual, the family, the nation, the Church and mankind. Personal matters and those of one’s neighbour, and particularly of those who are closest to us, who are dearest to us. Thus the simple prayer of the Rosary beats the rhythm of human life.

John Paul II AngélusSunday, 29 October 1978 

Pray the Rosary, says God

and do not care what some silly people might tell you:

that it is a forlorn devotion which is bound to be abandoned.

This prayer, believe me

Is a ray of Light from my Gospel.

Nothing will ever change this.

What delights me in the Rosary, says God

Is that it is simple, and it is humble

Just as my Son was,

As His mother was.

Pray the Rosary : by your side, you’ll find

All the company of the Gospel gathered :

the poor widow that never went to school

and the repentant publican that has forgotten all of his catechism,

the sinner woman overcome with fear

and all these cripples saved by their faith,

and the dear old shepherds, such as those of Bethlehem,

who discovered my Son and his Mother …

Pray the Rosary, says God,

your prayer must turn over and over again,

just like the beads between your fingers.

Then, when it is my will, I can assure you,

you will be provided with plentiful nourishment,

that will strengthen your hearts and cheer your souls

Come on, says God, pray the Rosary

And keep your minds in peace.

(free translation from Charles Péguy’s verses)

St. Thérèse: ‘In the Heart of the Church, my mother, I will be Love’

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.

And the King will make answer and say to them, Truly I say to you, Because you did it to the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.

Lord, give us the gift of tears, the ability to cry for our sins and so receive your forgiveness.

Pope Francis ’tweet  09.04.15.

Vatican City, Nov 17, 2013   At the close of his Angelus address today, Pope Francis encouraged those in St. Peter’s Square to pick up a little box of spiritual medicine on their way out.

“I would like now to all of you to consider a medicine. But some may think, ‘the Pope is being a pharmacist now?’ It is a special medicine to make the fruit of the Year of Faith that is coming to a close more concrete,” said Pope Francis Nov. 17, as he raised a little box for the crowds to see.

“This little box contains the medicine, and some volunteers will distribute it to you as you leave the square. Take it! It’s a rosary with which one can pray also the chaplet of Divine Mercy, spiritual help for our souls and for spreading love, forgiveness, and brotherhood everywhere.”

“Don’t forget to take it,” he repeated as the crowds cheered. “Because it does good, eh?  It does good for the heart, for the soul, for all your life.”

The resurrection of Jesus, which Easter celebrates, is the foundation of the Christian faith.

The resurrection established Jesus as the Son of God. God has given Christians “a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead”. Christians, through faith in the working of God are spiritually resurrected with Jesus so that they may walk in a new way of life.

He is risen from the dead and he is Lord !

ô Jesus, make us be reborn as Children of Light!

Joyful, Holy and Lightful Easter to everyone !

from Fathers Pierre and Raymond JACCARD

To all those who did so take him, he gave the right of becoming children of God (John 1:12)

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday are the three facets of a “diamond” which – in the light of Easter – dazzles us. We are like “bats”: the more the Light is brilliant, the more it blinds us!

We can penetrate into this Mystery of Love only into the silence of the heart and  Eucharistic Worship.

The liturgy held on the evening of Maundy Thursday initiates the Easter Triduum , the period which commemorates the Passion, the death , and  the Resurrection of Christ; this period includes Good Friday, Holy Saturday , and ends on the evening of Easter .